What Are Cascarones and Where Did the Tradition Come From?

With Easter right around the corner, you may spot some cascarones around, especially if you live in or near a town south of the border. 
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Cascarones are hollowed out egg shells that are filled with confetti and are brightly colored on the outside. The Spanish term "cascarones" simply means eggshells. 

Similar to an Easter egg, cascarones are decorative eggs that are used during festive times like carnival and Cinco de Mayo. However, their similarities to Easter eggs make them a popular commodity during Easter time as well. 

It’s also pretty common that cascarones are incorporated into other celebrations such as birthdays and other festive events too. 

Unlike the easter tradition of hiding eggs, cascarones are meant to be cracked. 

The tradition of cracking cascarones is just as fun as making them. Once these hollowed out eggs are filled with confetti they will typically be cracked over the head of an unsuspecting victim so that they are showered with the brightly colored contents.

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It is said that whoever has a cascaron cracked over their head will be the recipient of good fortune. In classic child's play fashion, cracking an egg over someone's head is another way to show affection towards that individual as well. 

This unique tradition of cracking cascarones over someone’s head is said to have stemmed from Spain. When a child misbehaved, the father would crack an egg over the child's head to show their disappointment. 

Today, the meaning has very much changed. We're thankful that the contents of the egg have been replaced with something less messy as well!

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