What Are Milagro Charms?

Travel throughout Mexico, and you’ll come across milagros charms at one point or another. These unique charms, which in Spanish translate to “miracle charms” come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They are often no bigger than half an inch and are often slipped into pockets or purses so that the owners can reflect on their prayers and wishes. 

The use of these charms dates back to folk customs throughout South America. Though their roots can often be traced back all the way to Spain, these charms hold a very religious and spiritual importance to many Latin Americans throughout the Yucatan and all of Mexico. 

Possession of a milagros charm is seen as a way to offer devotion and focus when praying.  Possessing a specific charm is often synonymous with a prayer related to whatever that charm is dictating. For example, an individual holding onto a charm in the shape of a leg symbolizes an individual's prayers for improved health and wellness of their leg. 

When it comes to devotees throughout Mexico, these charms are seen as a way to pay favor back to a saint for answering their prayers. For example, if an individual praises a saint or asks for a favor, they must make a pilgrimage to that saint's statue and adore the charm onto the saint. This spiritual connection is also a way for individuals to really put faith in their prayers as they wish for a desired outcome.

While these charms are often found adorned on altars and shrines of saints, they are also attached to two sacred objects located in places of worship like churches or cathedrals.

How to Gift Milagro Charms

At Mexico In My Pocket, we love gifting milagro hearts and hands to friends and family.

Here’s the step-by-step process for choosing the best milagro hand or heart for your loved one:

  1. Pick their favorite color or your favorite color (depending on who it’s for).

  2. Inspect each miIagro hand and heart to see which “story” it tells.

Each milagro hand and heart includes a wide variety of unique charms that can speak to you or your loved ones’ life journey.

For example, we had one customer who gifted a milagro to her friend who was pregnant. The milagro hand she chose included charm of a pregnant lady and breasts.

By gifting her this milagro, she gave her friend positive vibes and well wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Milagro hands and hearts are all unique, which is what makes them the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for family and friends.

Which milagro charm would you gift your loved one?

Let us know in the comments below!

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