Hola! I'm Luisa.

I’m a journalist, entrepreneur, and gift shop owner whose mission is to share the beauty of Mexico with the world.

As a journalist, I feel deeply that it is my true purpose to help reshape the narrative of Mexico in the United States.

My dream is to create an online platform that reaches enough people around the world so that they will start saying, “I’m planning a trip to Oaxaca” with the same enthusiasm they’d use for planning a trip to Paris.

Telling stories about Mexican culture is my passion, but I can’t do it alone, which is why Mexico In My Pocket will always be a platform built around community.


Launched Instagram account “Mexico In My Pocket” to share beautiful images of Mexico with the world.


Launched online blog to share recipes, stories, and travel content.

February 2020

Relaunched travel website. Pandemic hits.

March 2020

Lockdown begins. I get furloughed at work.

April 2020

I start receiving messages from artisans and business owners asking for help.

May 2020

We reach out to an online gift shop located in Oaxaca.

June 2020

They agree to work with us. I launch an online Shopify store.

July 2020

We begin shipping orders and donating despensas (pantry baskets) to Oaxacan artisans in need.

May 2021

We open a brick and mortar gift shop in Brooklyn, New York!

So when people ask me “how did you get started?” I often smile, laugh, and tell them–– “It’s a long story, are you sure you want to hear it?”

But the truth is, I love telling it because it also means I get to introduce you to the amazing people who helped make all of this happen.