This Photographer Sends a Powerful Message About Culture & Identity


What we wear and how we present ourselves can affect a number of important things, including our salary and how people treat us.

But what happens when people judge us based on our cultural traditions?

28-year-old Alexa Torre, from Merida, Yucatan, explores this exact question in a series of photographs called Mexican Utopia.

Her exhibit focuses on women dressed in traditional Mexican clothing who intentionally hide their faces as a way to escape judgment.

silver earrings

“People are always fighting to express themselves in this world, but lots of times people only see what they want,” Torre said.

By asking her subjects to cover their eyes, nose, and mouth, Torre redirects people’s attention away from her subject’s faces and forces them to focus on the details of their clothing.

By doing so, Torre hopes she can help people understand how to observe each other in a new way or what she calls her “metaphoric language.”

Scroll down to read her observations.

“Rosa Mexicano the color of utopia.” — Alexa Torre


“Mexican hope.” — Alexa Torre


“Tribute to identity.” — Alexa Torre


“The blue that is not seen.” — Alexa Torre

“Art is a weapon for fighting.” — Alexa Torre


“Shamanic Magic.” — Alexa Torre


“Container with containments.” — Alexa Torre


“The beauty of manual labor.” — Alexa Torre

“Dead nature.” — Alexa Torre


“Patriotic parties and the recipient of illusions.” — Alexa Torre


To see more pictures, please visit her website

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