How to Use Palo Santo + Sage Combined

Palo Santo, or “holy wood,” is a native plant of South America and the Yucatan. The plant has a deeply rooted history in medicinal use as well as spiritual healing and cleansing. Through the Yucatan, palo santo is burned in order to release its aromatic scent. 
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As you travel through this peninsula, it’s common to come across whiffs of palo santo used alongside other plants. Natives believe that burning palo santo can help cleanse a space and rid of any negative or toxic energy. It’s a common and powerful practice to use palo santo alongside other plants to cleanse a space and introduce a calming and positive energy as well. One such combination is the use of palo santo alongside sage. 

Like many other cultures, Yucatecan tradition emphasizes burning plants separately in order to properly cleanse and re-energize a space. Start by burning a bundle of sage to rid a space of bad energy. As the bundle burns, allow the smoke to go into every area of the room. You can also use the smoke around a person if you want to “unstick” the bad energy or get rid of a negative aura. 

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Once you have cleansed the space, you can reintroduce good energy by burning a bundle of palo santo. Yucatan tradition holds that burning palo santo can spiritually reinvigorate and cleanse you. The same notion goes for the space you are trying to cleanse. As you burn palo santo, allow the aurora to go into every corner of the space. As the aroma of the palo santo gets released, you will undoubtedly find tranquility in the relaxing and calming atmosphere it will create. 

While traditional Yucatecan practices consist of burning palo santo alongside other plants like sage, you can also find this powerful plant in a resin and essential oil form. In whatever form you use it, you will find that each time you will be left feeling more invigorated, relaxed, and connected to your inner self and the world around you. 

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