10 Ways to Support Small Business Owners During COVID-19

1. Shop online.

While many shops both in Mexico and the United States are starting to close their storefronts, customers are still able to place orders online.

Consider buying supplies that will make you feel comfy and happy while working from home.

Maybe a concha candle, a festive work from home T-shirt, some avocado socks, or even craft supplies to keep your mind occupied.

2. Share promotional codes.

If you need to save money, you can share promotional codes on social media. You don’t have to have millions of followers to make a difference.

Just post your favorite items on Instagram Stories and encourage members of your community to shop local using the store’s promotional codes.

shop glassware
3. Purchase gift cards.

Consider purchasing a gift card for a friend or family member’s birthday ahead of time.

The best part is, you won’t have to worry about buying a present and it’ll be easy to send in the mail while on quarantine.

4. Send a care package.

Send a sorpresa carepackage to your mejor amiga or hermana. Not only will you lift your loved ones’ spirits during these difficult times, but you’ll also support our small business owners.

I personally am a huge fan of Mercado Sabia’s gift packages. She carefully curates them and places lots of emphasis on beautiful details.

5. Write reviews

This is the perfect time to sit down and write those reviews. Whether it’s Yelp, Google, or Facebook, your kind words make a difference. 

If you’re uncomfortable writing, one sentence should suffice. If you’re feeling extra generous, tell a story about how the business owner or a team member has made a difference in your life.

6. Give extra love and attention to social media accounts.

Take five minutes in your day to share a few extra posts on Instagram Stories. Give shoutouts, hit like, tag a friend, comment, and get the word out! Every little bit of love counts during COVID-19.

Our friend Sololi is always so good at sharing extra love on social media. Why not return the favor?

shop candles
7. Send a DM saying you’re thinking of them and ask how to help.

Every business is different. Some might need Google reviews others might be interested in a shoutout on Instagram. 

Send them a message, introduce yourself, and mention that you want to help. I guarantee they’ll get back to you as soon as they can with some info.

8. Make less purchases on Amazon.

Yes, Amazon has great bargains for cookbooks and other home goods, but consider purchasing these items from small business owners instead.

Spending a few extra bucks can make the difference they need to keep an employee or stay open.

shop books
9. Opt out of free shipping.

Don’t get us wrong, free shipping is great! And as you may have seen, more and more small businesses are sharing free shipping codes to get their sales up during COVID-19. 

If you’re able to or feeling generous, consider opting out.

Are you a small business owner who sells Mexican products and is interested in being featured? Comment below and let us know. We’re always looking to feature new shops.

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