Experience Paradise in the Luxurious Las Alamandas in Costalegre

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If you’re looking for the perfect beach getaway in Mexico, then Las Alamandas is the place to be. This stunning resort located in Costalegre, Jalisco offers visitors an incredible oasis of quiet, luxury, and comfort to call home during your stay in paradise. 

Visitors here can look forward to four uninhabited, pristine beaches, over 2,000 acres of nature preserve, incredible views, a private landing strip, and many more amenities. 

There are also 18 luxurious suites, each offering a nice slice of privacy and comfort. 

Image Credit | @lasalamandasmexico​​

On the grounds, visitors can look forward to three onsite dining areas, each with their own unique vibe. 

The restaurants utilize locally grown ingredients to put together an authentic and intriguing menu. Las Alamandas offers a unique mix of contemporary Mexican cuisine and a twist on authentic Mexican classics. 

The nearby shore also influences the delectable dishes served here. 

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The Oasis Restaurant offers stunning beachside views and is an incredible experience to enjoy lunch or dinner. 

At La Palapa Beach Club, diners can enjoy lunch underneath the idyllic thatched Palapa. 

For a relaxing nightcap, stop by Estrella Azul. This rooftop bar and lounge area is perfect for enjoying a romantic evening out.

Diners can enjoy stunning panoramic views and an ambiance that is quintessentially a Mexican evening under the stars. 

For those who enjoy looking up, there is even a telescope residents can look through as they explore the world above them. 

Image Credit | @lasalamandasmexico​​
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When it’s time to unwind, residents can enjoy yoga, massages, and workouts on the onsite wellness facilities.

The yoga studio overlooks the stunning beaches of the Pacific and visitors can get beachside massages that are both reinvigorating and simply relaxing. 

Walking along the crystal clear beaches, exploring the natural wonder of the forest, and enjoying the amenities on the grounds are all aspects that make Las Alamandas a stunning destination.

To learn more about the resort and book your stay, click here.

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