Experience the History and Charm of Hotel William in Taxco

In the heart of Mexico, just outside of Mexico City is the stunning Hotel William in Taxco.

The design of this hotel is just as unique and enchanting as the amenities offered. 

The hotel has an interesting background as it was designed thanks to the inspiration of Master William Spratling who the hotel takes its name from. 

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Inside the hotel, residents will find quintessential Mexican decor which includes stunning stone carvings, aesthetics of pre-Hispanic cultures as interpreted by Spratling, hand carved wood designs, and Mexican design staples including pasta tiles

The hotel pays close attention to detail and offers a traditional Mexican design theme underlying modern and contemporary design aesthetics. 

For the best experience, visitors can opt for a standard balcony room. Visitors will have charming views overlooking the streets of Taxco. 

The wrought iron balconies offer traditional Mexican architectural appeal with undertones akin to European design. 

Onsite, residents can look forward to two amazing restaurants. 

El Americano is a favorite destination that serves up a menu filled with American classic dishes. 

Diners can taste undertones of local flavor thanks to the locally grown ingredients. 

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For a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the evening, Jucu Bar is the place to go. 

At this rooftop spot, visitors can enjoy even more unique mixtures, textures, and flavors.

As you dine, you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the town below. 

The rooftop is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing evening underneath the warm Mexican sky. 

A unique aspect of the hotel is the onsite Jeweler's collection. 

This collection draws its inspiration from Spratling and his disciples and the pieces here pay testament to the origins of Taxco and its most famed goldsmiths. 

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To learn more about the stunning Hotel William in Taxco or to book your stay, click here

Cover Image Credit: @hotelwilliam.mx

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