Top 10 Hotels in Oaxaca

The big travel question these days is: hotel or Airbnb? I’ve found that the answer can vary from city to city and destination to destination. Both options have their advantages, but the quality to cost ratio can differ. In Oaxaca, the abundance, variety, and quality of beautiful hotels makes this the best option for the discerning traveler.

I have rated the following hotels based on 5 categories: location, hospitality, design, amenities, and comfort. Each category can receive up to 2 points for excellence, for a total of 10 possible points.

Here are my top 10 favorite hotels in Oaxaca city:

Hotel Sin Nombre
Photo by Hans Valor @p.e.r.s.p.e.k.t.i.v courtesy of Hotel Sin Nombre​​
  • Rating: 9/10

  • Cost: Starting from $156 USD

  • Location: 0.12 miles to the Zocalo

  • Pet Friendly: Yes, with advance notice.

  • Great For: Romantic getaways

  • Instagram: @hotel_sin_nombre

This new hotel by Gem&Bolt mezcal founder, Elliott Coon, is housed in a historic 17th century building and is the epitome of clean, minimalist design with a romantic twist.

The bright open courtyard lets in plenty of light to illuminate the surrounding archways.

Guests will find North African design elements like ornate hanging lamps and floor cushions mixed with traditional Oaxacan textiles and architecture. This chic hotel is perfect for creatives who want a peaceful and stylish getaway just steps away from the city center.

Things to consider: The hotel is new so it hasn’t received many reviews yet, but has the potential to be one of the top hotels in the city.

NaNa Vida
  • Rating: 8.5/10

  • Cost: Starting from $81 USD

  • Location: 0.53 miles from the Zocalo

  • Pet Friendly: No

  • Great For: Couples, families, or friends traveling together

  • Instagram: @NanaVidaHotel

The vibrant mural in the entryway of NaNa Vida sets the tone for this artistic boutique hotel. Paintings and artisan work dot the walls and rooms of each space. The central patio features leafy greens, trees, patio furniture, and plenty of room to relax after a day of sight-seeing. The name, “What a blessing” is commonly used in the Isthmus region of Oaxaca state and reflects the happy vibe of the hotel and the staff.

Things to consider: Noise can be an issue here, but the hotel provides white noise machines and ear plugs in each room to help with this.

Hotel Con Corazon
  • Rating: 8.5/10

  • Cost: Starting from $62 USD

  • Address: Calle División Oriente 129, Oaxaca Centro

  • Location: 0.68 miles from the Zocalo

  • Pet Friendly: No

  • Great For: Families and friends traveling together

  • Instagram: @corzaonoaxaca

If you’re looking to make a difference, Hotel con Corazon invests all of the hotel’s profits into programs that support children’s education in the state of Oaxaca. Beyond their dedication to the community, the hotel is a beautiful and peaceful place to base yourself. The design is clean and modern with pops of color, and there are many outdoor spaces to enjoy the warm Oaxacan sun.

Things to consider: The hotel is in the centro, but on the edge of the tourist district. It’s still an easy walk to most sites, but will take a few extra minutes to get around.

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Casa Mosca
  • Rating: 7.5/10

  • Cost: Starting from $70 USD.

  • Location: 3 miles from the Zocalo

  • Pet Friendly: Yes

  • Great For: Groups and Romantic getaways

  • Instagram: @casamosca

This sleek modern boutique hotel is located in the leafy quiet residential neighborhood of San Felipe del Agua. The 6 rooms can be rented together for a group, or you can reserve the rooms separately. The contemporary architecture is balanced with warm, wood details and large windows that let in lots of natural light. The shared patio, pool, and cacti allow you to enjoy this natural oasis just outside the city center.

Things to consider: Casa Mosca is located in a neighborhood outside of the center. This makes it a quiet and peaceful stay, but you will need to use taxis, buses, or a rental car to move around the city.

Hotel Casa Oaxaca
  • Rating: 9.5/10

  • Cost: Starting from $165 USD

  • Location: 0.37 miles from the Zocalo

  • Pet Friendly: No

  • Great For: Romantic getaways

  • Instagram: @casa_oaxaca

This sophisticated hotel keeps their decor minimal and polished. The colonial mansion retains its historic charm with romantic lighting and an onsite library. The seven room hotel is intimate, quiet, and stylish. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces, including the roof terrace with a view of Santo Domingo, and the picturesque pool.

Hotel Casa Oaxaca also owns the well-renowned restaurant Casa Oaxaca by Chef Alejandro Ruiz. Additionally, you can arrange cooking classes with Chef Ruiz and dive into the famous Oaxacan foodie scene head on.

Things to consider: The decor is minimalistic and modern, but may feel a little sparse to some.

Grana B&B
  • Rating: 9/10

  • Cost: Starting from $113 USD

  • Location: 0.4 miles from the Zocalo

  • Pet Friendly: Yes

  • Great For: Romantic getaways

  • Instagram: @granabnb

Grana B&B is a new hotel in the heart of the historic center. Each space is perfectly curated, from the leafy tropical plants, to the original tile that lines the patio, and the striking round tubs in some of the rooms. A continental breakfast, with a hot Mexican main dish option, is served every morning in the beautiful, family-style kitchen. The large central patio gives plenty of space to swing in a hammock, drink an evening mezcal, and admire the original fountain in the center.

Things to consider: Noise can sometimes be an issue here as the hotel is located very close to many attractions and in front of a park. However, the hotel is working to add extra insulation and they also provide earplugs. If you are sensitive to noise, choose a room away from the park.

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El Diablo y La Sandia
  • Rating: 9/10

  • Cost: Starting from $70 USD

  • Locations: Libres location - 0.6 miles from the Zocalo, Boca del Monte location: 0.62 miles from the Zocalo

  • Pet Friendly: No

  • Great For: Families and friends traveling together

  • Instagram: @eldiablo_y_lasandia

El Diablo y La Sandia are a pair of design B&Bs with unique decor in beautiful colonial buildings. The original location on Los Libres street features 6 rooms, a central patio, shared kitchen, and a large roof terrace. The eight room Boca del Monte location maintains its colonial charm with traditional tile floors and some original furniture. This location has many outdoor spaces to enjoy, including the leafy downstairs patio and a lush roof terrace. The standouts here are the original design choices, and the warm, welcoming staff who make you feel right at home.

Things to consider: El Diablo y La Sandia B&Bs are homey, original and authentic, but aren’t the right option for travelers looking for a polished, upscale stay.

Hotel Los Amantes
  • Rating: 8/10

  • Cost: Starting from $197 USD

  • Location: 0.44 miles from the Zocalo

  • Pet Friendly: No

  • Great For: Romantic getaways or families

  • Instagram: @LosAmantesHotel

Los Amantes is the perfect hotel for travelers looking for a polished, up-scale stay right in the center of the city. Just steps from Santo Domingo church, the tourist pedestrian street, and a large variety of restaurants, bars, stores, and museums, you won’t have to walk far to stay entertained.

The minimalist decor and warm ochre wall in the lobby set the tone for the sleek hotel. The roof features a large restaurant with a dipping pool and the best view of Santo Domingo in town. Los Amantes also has a quirky mezcal tasting room across the street, and a new sophisticated bar next to the tasting room.

Things to consider: Because of its location in the center of the tourist district, noise can be an issue in some rooms, especially on weekends.

Casa de Las Bugambilias
  • Rating: 9.5/10

  • Cost: Starting from $80 USD

  • Location: 0.53 miles from the Zocalo

  • Pet Friendly: No

  • Great For: Couples and friends traveling together

  • Instagram: @lasbugambiliasoaxaca

Casa de las Bugambilias is a thoroughly Oaxacan experience. This bright and colorful B&B is filled with Mexican textiles, art and other local artisan work. The hotel is a family affair run by the Cabrera-Arroyos, a family that knows hospitality inside and out. You’ll be taken care of by the warm staff from the moment you contact them. And you can choose to add on a cooking class with well renowned chef Pilar Cabrera in the adjoining restaurant, La Olla.

One of my favorite highlights is the multi-course gourmet breakfast that is served each morning in the shared dining room. You’ll start your day with delicious local dishes, and make friends at the same time.

Things to consider: Some guests have reported noise in the rooms near the street or above the reception.

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Casa Antonieta
  • Rating: 9.5/10

  • Cost: Starting from $128 USD

  • Location: 0.19 miles from the Zocalo 

  • Pet Friendly: Yes

  • Great For: Romantic getaways and families

  • Instagram: @casaantonieta

I’ve saved the best for last! Casa Antonieta wins as my favorite hotel for hitting the mark on so many important points. The design is incredibly well curated: every detail in the rooms and common areas is carefully selected. The rugs, textiles, and art are modern and stylish, and feel uniquely Oaxacan.

The hotel is housed in one of the very first buildings in Oaxaca. The historic architecture has plenty of character and mixes well with the modern design elements. Rooms are large with huge comfortable beds, desks, and modern bathrooms. A couple rooms have their own private patio, or you can enjoy the large central leafy courtyard.

One final element that makes Casa Antonieta an excellent stay is that it’s partnered with the lovely coffee shop, Muss Cafe, just in front of the boutique hotel. You can enjoy delicious coffee here every morning, or some of the fresh and tasty cafe food.

While coffee is available for guests in the morning, breakfast is not included with your stay.

There’s a hotel for every travel style, budget and taste, but these 10 are a few of the absolute best. Choose the one that fits your needs and enjoy the beautiful, historic city of Oaxaca.

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Susan Metenosky is the founder of Brooklyn Tropicali - a travel blog focused on creative travels for creative people. She is based in sunny Oaxaca, where her number one hobby is eating all the things and learning more about the rich food culture. After living in the city for over two years, she is passionate to share her best tips to get off the typical tourist trail and get to know the beautiful culture, artisan work, nature, food, mezcal, festivals, and people that make Oaxaca so special. When she isn’t in Oaxaca, Susan can be found in other parts of Mexico and Latin America, eating street food and writing about her travels.

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