Where to Find the Best Pan de Pulque in Mexico

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Mexico is known for its rich culture and even richer cuisine. Their traditional pan de pulque is one of the country’s most recognizable baked goods. But what is pan de pulque and where can you find the best tasting pan de plaque? 

What Is Pan de Pulque?

Pan de pulque is a type of traditional Mexican bread that goes by many names including pan de fiesta (festival bread), pan de burro (donkey bread — after being carried around on the backs of donkeys, and pan de feria (fair bread). 
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Although it goes by many names, traditional pan de pulque features pulque as its primary ingredient. 

Pulque is a very mild alcoholic drink made from fermented agave juice. Pulque is the main ingredient used to help soften and lighten the bread during the cooking process. Today, however, pulque is often left out of the recipe and is only ever used by artisan bakers. 

As you stroll through the streets of Mexico, you’ll come across all sorts of vendors proudly selling pan de pulque. While the pulque might be left out these days, the bread still features its signature braided shape and is typically topped with sugar and sesame seeds. 

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Find the Best Pan de Pulque at Pan Mena Bakery 

The tradition and pride of pan de pulque are very much alive throughout Mexico, especially in Saltillo, the northeastern region of Mexico. Here, travelers and locals alike can sample some of the best authentic baked goods the area has to offer. 

At Pan Mena Bakery, visitors can stop by and grab a loaf of what is undeniably the best pan de pulque around. Every loaf and baked good at Mena Bakery is made with pride and highlights the appreciation for great flavor and tradition.

Have you ever tried pan de pulque? If yes, let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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