What's an Authentic Sarape and Where to Get Your Hands on One?

Image Credit: Escuela del Sarape​​
Sarapes originated in Saltillo in the northeastern region of Mexico. While today, you can find manufactured versions of sarapes all over the globe, there's nothing quite like an original sarape.

Authentic sarapes are handloomed blankets or shawls made using individually dyed strands of thread, typically wool. 

You'll notice that the main color of a sarape will always be the largest strip of color. 

Complementary colors, especially bright ones will then be used to accompany that main color. Once a serape is completed, it will always be topped with white fringed edges. Authentic sarapes are never duplicated with each blanket offering its own unique pattern. 

En la Escuela del Sarape con Artesana Marie Lopez | Photo By: Luisa Navarro​​

So where exactly do you get your hands on an authentic Sarape? Ask anyone through Mexico, and they’ll tell you that Saltillo is the destination to go. 

More specifically, Mexico’s School of Sarape or Escuela del Sarape La Favorita. This is the premier destination to learn about and get your hands on an authentic sarape. Here, artisans craft authentic sarapes in the manner original artisans did. Visitors can also purchase their own hand-dyed fabric and create a unique sarape of their own as well. 

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In addition to marking authenticity, many will tell you that a hallmark distinction of an authentic sarape from Saltillo is one that features a classic diamond design in it. Without this diamond design, you can’t be confident it's an authentic sarape from Saltillo. 
Image Credit: Escuela del Sarape​​
The beauty of sarapes is that you don't just have to wear them in order to show them off. You can also proudly display them in your home as wall or furniture decor or utilize them as bedding in a child’s room. Of course, you can always throw them over your shoulder as a way to stay warm when you're heading out.
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Image Credit: Escuela del Sarape​​

You can learn more about the beauty of authentic sarapes at La Favorita’s Facebook page by clicking here.

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