What are Panuchos?

When you explore the Yucatán, a dish you’ll see around every corner are panuchos. 

This traditional Yucatecan dish might be small in size, but it’s packed with flavor and topped with colorful and delicious garnishes that reflect the beauty of Yucatecan cuisine. 

This dish features a base made out of a small corn tortillas with an opening on the edge. 

On the inside of the tortilla, you’ll find a modest layer of refried beans. After the tortilla is stuffed with the beans, it is then fried in oil. 

If you're making this dish at home and want to be a bit cautious of your health, then you can fry the stuffed tortilla in a pan over a drizzle of olive oil instead. 

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Once heated, it's now time to top the tortilla. Start with a base layer of shredded Cochinita Pibil or shredded beef or chicken. 

Next, garnish your protein with some pickled cabbage, pickled red onion, jalapeño peppers, or even an avocado. 

The more color you use, the more flavor you’ll experience once you bite in. Of course, you can always squeeze over some lemon or lime––Yucatecan style and also if you enjoy that nice burst of acidic flavor. 

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Because of how small panuchos can be, a typical serving is three or four of these tortillas. 

While you can certainly have them any time of the day, they make for a particularly hearty lunch or dinner, especially if you are out and about exploring. 

Served alongside a soda or jarrito, you’ll enjoy a flavor that is as crisp and colorful as the culture around you. 

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