Did You Know? There’s an Entire Website Dedicated to Mariachi Women

Source:  Mujeres en el Mariachi​​

Happy International Women’s Day!

In honor of this special holiday, we want to share a fun website that is focused on collecting stories of real life mariachi women.

Source:  Mujeres en el Mariachi​​

Although traditionally mariachis have been groups led by men, female groups also exist, but often go unrecognized.

Thanks to mariachi historian, Jon Clark from San Jose, California, there is an entire website that features a large collection of recorded interviews, photographs, and articles on mariachi women.

Originally created in 2007, “Mujeres en el Mariachi,” continues to be a place where people can send information related to female mariachis.

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The stories featured on this page date as far back as the 1950s and include bands from both the United States and Mexico. 

One of the most interesting videos archived by the website showcases the first US all-female mariachi group known as “Las Rancheritas y su Mariachi” from south Texas. To watch the video, scroll down below.

Are you a female mariachi? Or do you know someone who is? Send Mujeres en el Mariachi a message here.

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