Did You Know Frida Kahlo Loved Mazahua Earrings?

If you're looking for iconic symbols of Mexican beauty, look no further than one of the nation's most celebrated artists, Frida Kahlo.

While Kahlo’s art and creativity did an exceptional job of displaying the beauty of Mexican culture, her unique and undeniably recognizable appearance has helped propel certain elements of Mexican culture onto the global stage. 

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One such element is Mexico’s unique Mazahua earrings. 

Today, Mazahua earrings have become a staple fashion style. 

Read on to see why these earrings have become so well loved and how to get an authentic pair of your own.

What are Mazahua Earrings?

When you turn to some of the most recognizable portraits of Kahlo, you’ll almost always see a pair of beautiful and at times delicate earrings dangling from her ears.

These earrings, traditionally known as “Mazahua earrings,” are as rich and beautiful in their own right as the artist herself. 

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Mazahua earrings are unique to Mexican culture and have a long tradition in the region.

The artist is known for loving this style of earrings, so much so that they are often referred to as “Frida Kahlo earrings.” 

It’s easy to see why this style of earrings is loved by many throughout the region and really throughout the globe. 

 The earrings have a signature dangling look to them. With heavy Spanish influence, these earrings are typically made out of silver and feature a circular design that is often adorned with smaller dangling charms and silver details. 

Find a Pair of Authentic Mazahua Earrings to Call Your Own

The earrings offer a very feminine look and have evolved over the years to incorporate a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes. 

To learn more about Mazahua earrings, or to get a pair of your own, shop our beautiful collection of handcrafted Mazahua earrings.

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