Mexico City Bucket List: Make Sure to Visit Museo Casa Estudio de Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo were one of Mexico’s most iconic couples. 

Their larger than life artwork was matched by their larger than life relationship, a relationship they lived out in Mexico City. 

Those who have a love and appreciation for Rivera and Kahlo can step into the couples’ world by planning a visit to the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo. 

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Diego Rivera’s terracotta studio in San Ángel. | Image: Luisa Navarro​​
After the couple married in 1929, they spent the next couple of years in the U.S. While traveling the states, the couple commissioned their friend, accomplished artist and architect Juan O’Gorman, to build their home in Mexico City.
Frida and Diego’s Casa Estudio in San Ángel, Mexico City. The home was designed by their friend Juan O’Gorman. | Image: Luisa Navarro​​

Their home which consists of two separated buildings connected by a small foot bridge is one of the most visited locations in Mexico City. 

It’s also located in the glamorous neighborhood of San Ángel, which is known for its cobblestone streets, antique churches, and vibrant historic mansions.

One of the fountains located at San Àngel Inn. | Image: Luisa Navarro​​

Pro-tip: If you visit this part of town, make sure to stop in for lunch and/or dinner at San Angel Inn. Located right across the street from Diego & Frida’s old home, this beautiful restaurant offers traditional Mexican cuisine in a renovated 17th century monastery.

Surrounded by gorgeous architecture and history, it’s no secret why Frida and Diego’s studio home pulls so many visitors in.

Image of Frida and Diego with a large Papier-mâché Judas from the Casa Estudio in Mexico City. ​​

Once at the museum, visitors will be met with two beautiful buildings. The smaller one, Kahlo’s home, was painted blue to pay homage to her family home in nearby Coyoacán. The larger, white and terracotta building belonged to Diego. 

Inside both homes, guests can get a glimpse into the unique lives of these two artists. 

Inside Rivera’s home, visitors can view the painter's collection of paper-mâché human and animal sculptures. These beautiful works of art are on full display in the very studio he constructed them in. 

Guests can also walk through Rivera’s bedroom, office, and living space. In addition to the art, Rivera’s small archeological collection of historic artifacts is also on display.

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As visitors walk through the homes, they’ll get a sense of who the couple was together and who they were as individuals. 

For example, in Rivera’s studio, there are different Judas figures scattered around. These figures were originally used for burning during Easter week festivals. However, the couple enjoyed collecting them and displaying them in their home. 

Large papier-mâché figurines displayed in Diego Rivera’s studio. He loved these larger-than-life figures.  | Image: Luisa Navarro​​
The footbridge which connected Frida’s studio to Diego’s. | Image: Luisa Navarro​​

Across the footbridge is Kahlo’s home. While the furnishing of the home has changed over time, the bathroom is still intact with the original furniture used by Kahlo. The bathtub in particular is the same one that appears in Kahlo’s 1938 painting “Lo que el agua me dio” (what the water gave me). The original furniture as well as the space in general will transport visitors to the time and literal place where this famed artist created much of her work.

The couple lived and worked in this home after they moved to Mexico City in 1934. When Kahlo’s father died, she moved back to her birthplace, Coyoacán (another Mexico City neighborhood located nearby), in April 1941, where she lived until her death in 1954.

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A portrait of Dolores del Rio by Diego Rivera in his studio. Other items from his art collection can be viewed in his Casa Estudio in San Ángel, Mexico City. | Image: Luisa Navarro​​

Rivera on the other hand stayed in his studio in San Ángel until his death in 1957. 

While the couple’s artwork lives on, those who want to get a deeper sense of the couple’s life can do so by visiting the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo.

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