The Story Behind Our Logo

The Story Behind Our Logo

Carolyn works on sketches in her journal.
Carolyn works on sketches in her journal.​​

I am so excited to share the details behind our brand new logo!

We partnered with the Toronto-based artist Carolyn Gavin to create something magical that everyone in our community could feel inspired by.

I have been in love with Carolyn’s art work for quite some time now and thought her paintings of flowers, milagros, and Frida were the perfect fit for our brand.

After chatting with her via email, it was no surprise to hear that she has been drawing houses and flowers since nursery school.

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Carolyn Gavin working on an art piece at the age of three.​​

When I asked her why she is so inspired by Mexican culture, she said, “I adore the colors, the embroidery, the flowers and the symbolism... It’s so rich and diverse. I also love the textiles. I’m mad for stripes, birds and animals on weavings and clothing.”

Originally I proposed creating a pocket with vintage-Mexican-style embroidery and cempasuchiles (marigolds), Carolyn sent over two versions for the first round. One included donkeys (featured below) and the second included doves (featured below).

Carolyn Gavin’s sketch featuring donkeys for the Mexico In My Pocket logo.​​
Carolyn Gavin’s sketch featuring doves for the Mexico In My Pocket logo.​​

But after the first round of edits, I realized that the logo was getting too busy.

We hadn’t discussed which animal would make sense for the brand so I immediately called my mom to see what her thoughts were.

After talking to her, she came up with the perfect suggestion: ”How about hummingbirds?

”In Mexico, hummingbirds are seen as messengers from the spiritual world. Just last year right after my grandmother passed away, my mom spotted a hummingbird in her garden and told my dad, “Look, Carlos! Your mom is coming to visit us.”

After hearing the story of the hummingbird, I felt sentimental in all the right ways. Since Mexico In My Pocket is a platform that was created to help us preserve and carry on traditions, I realized we had found the perfect symbol.

Hummingbirds, which naturally love flowers, represent our ancestors and the bouquet represents new life and the future generations that will continue to pass on our traditions.

The final detail would be to place everything in a pocket, as a nod to our name. When you think about it, we carry everything that is meaningful in our pocket—our phone, our wallet, our keys, and maybe even a photo of a loved one.

My heart was happy. The only problem was when Carolyn sent over the final version, it still felt too busy.

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Carolyn Gavin’s sketch featuring hummingbirds, flowers, and a pocket for the Mexico In My Pocket logo​​
Sure, I could use the text and artwork separately, but the pocket was still interfering with the bouquet and hummingbirds.
Carolyn Gavin’s updated sketch of hummingbirds, flowers, and a pocket in color.​​
After playing around with the overall design, I decided I needed to make a tough call and get rid of the pocket. I wasn’t too upset about it, though, because I realized that the text logo would serve as a symbolic pocket for the bouquet.
 The final logo for Mexico In My Pocket.​​
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My mom and Carolyn both agreed.

I am still blown away by the logo and am so grateful to Carolyn for creating something that is both beautiful and meaningful.

The best part is, seeing it reminds me that our ancestors are always with us and that our traditions will continue to be passed on.

My hope is that other members of our community will be reminded of the same idea and will want to carry this logo with them wherever they go.

If you’re interested in learning more about Carolyn, make sure to check out her Instagram account.

She also mentioned that she’ll be hosting an art retreat in Oaxaca later this year.

So make sure to stay tuned for those details! I know I’m personally interested in learning more.

Lastly if you’d like a FREE sticker or magnet of our logo, please subscribe to our newsletter and I’ll send one your way!

About the Author

Luisa Navarro

Mexican-American journalist, former national news producer, and graduate of Boston College and Columbia University School of Journalism. Her mission is to shed more light on the beauty and traditions of Mexican culture. This website is dedicated to her grandmothers, Tita Susana and Tita Lupita, who taught her to be proud of her heritage and to always remember where her ancestors came from.

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