Before & After: An Airbnb Hacienda in San Miguel de Allende Gets a Gorgeous Kitchen Upgrade

Source: Casa Proserpina​​

Charming, elegant, and out of a fairytale, Casa Proserpina is on the top of our list for places to stay in Mexico.

Located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, this 300-year-old hacienda recently underwent a kitchen remodel that we can’t get enough of.

Owner Hadley O’Regan, decided it was time to refresh the 90-year-old kitchen in a way that still honored the history of the house.

So she partnered with local artist and restoration expert, Luis Pantoja, to create a space that also paid tribute to the artisans and craftsmen of San Miguel de Allende.

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Source: Casa Proserpina​​

The brand new kitchen celebrates local artists, craftsmen, and pays tribute to the rich history of the space.

Two local family-owned businesses helped to refurbish everything.

Hernandez Tiles designed the unique hand painted and pressed tiles, while Ebanistas created the handmade cabinetry and dining room table and bench.

The vibrant green tones are both modern and fresh, while the hand painted tiles keep in line with tradition.


Source: Casa Proserpina​​
Source: Casa Proserpina​​
To add a little more personality and character, local artist Luis Pantoja painted and designed a Casa Proserpina monogram for the kitchen hood.
“Luis decided to add the pomegranates as an homage to the Goddess Persephone, where the word Proserpina derives from,” O’Regan said.
Source: Casa Proserpina​​
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A Historic Surprise

The inscribed date of 1812 is actually not a reference to the year the house was built, but instead pays tribute to a more unique detail. 

While mending the adobe walls in the living room, the original owners of the property discovered historical documents that reference the years 1812 and 1814. Though the documents themselves reference the sale of donkeys, they were believed to be treasure maps.

Source: Casa Proserpina​​

The pieces of paper were found rolled up and wrapped in paraffin inside the walls. Although, this is the only known documentation located at the property, the house itself is much older than the year 1812.

The hand painted logo beautifully meshes old and new, while still paying tribute to history and symbolism of 1812.

We can’t wait to sip a cafecito in this beautiful new cocina after the pandemic!

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