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How Does It Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

We will work with you to create a seasonal gift package that appeals to you. We will send a pitch your way each season and if you have additional ideas,

you can send us your feedback so we can make necessary adjustments.

Right now, Instagram is heavily pushing reels so we definitely think this style of content is preferable during this season. However, we also welcome Instagram Stories + other styles of engagement. Ultimately, the decision is creatively up to you! We love your style and trust you'll create something beautiful!

Yes! We are especially excited about building out our TikTok content these days. So if you want to promote your unique code on other platforms, that is completely welcome as well.

Yes, feel free to use your unique discount code whenever you like. You will receive commission as long as your community uses your code at checkout. Also, if you see something on our site that you like– send us a pitch! It might be within our budget to send it to you.

We will send payments via Paypal. Once you accept the role of becoming an ambassador, you will gain access to a portal where we'll collect your payment info and where you'll be able to gain access to insights that show how many sales you've made + we'll receive other details from you like sizing, address, etc. to make the process run smoothly.

If you receive more than $600 in earnings, you will receive a 1099 In the mail.

Just send me an email at luisa@mexicoinmypocket.com that you are interested and I'll send you more details!

We're on a mission to share our love for Mexico with the world and we can't do it alone.