Do Not Throw Away Your Cempasuchiles (Marigolds) After Day of the Dead

Here are some tips for how to reuse cempasuchiles (marigolds) after Day of the Dead.

Gracias to @vivesinbasura for sharing these lovely ideas. 🧡

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  1. Dried Marigolds

Place the petals in a newspaper. Dry them out and use them to dye textiles and other items.

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2. Reuse the Flowers for Next Year

Save the flowers in a plastic bag to reuse as decor for next year. Their odor will be preserved.

3. Donate the Flowers to Local Artists

Artists can use them for dyes and pigment.

4. Use the flowers for composting.

This will help fertilize and improve the soil.

5. Dry the flowers and use the seeds.

Save the seeds and grow marigolds for next year’s Day of the Dead!

Images: Ashlee Moreno (top image)

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