Travel+Leisure Named Mexico as the 2022 Destination of the Year

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Two years after travel restrictions, border closures, strict rules, and our dire need for a vacation, we have finally started to venture out into the world again. 

If you are looking to taste delicious and traditional cuisine, explore gorgeous architecture, immerse yourself in the culture and history of a country, then we have the perfect place for you - Mexico!

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Don’t just take our word for it, Travel+Leisure named Mexico the “2022 Destination of the Year” for so many reasons.

Mexico is filled with stunning landscapes, eye-catching skylines, beautiful traditions, enchanting cities, and incredible food. 

But for Travel+Leisure, they aren’t focused on the large cities, instead they are more interested in the spots only locals know.

“We celebrate its regional nuances and less-explored pockets, the beguiling cultures, crafts, and cuisines that make it so deserving of our annual award,” as written by Travel and Leisure.

Mexico has something for everyone. Couples on getaways can stay in the most romantic locations. 

Looking for an epic culinary adventure, travel through the state of Veracruz. 

Tequila lovers can take a train to the Pueblo Magico town of Tequila in Jalisco. 

Surfers, sailors, and snorkel lovers can enjoy the ocean in Espiritu Santo. 

For a more LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere you can stay at Puerto Vallarta.

Each town in Mexico has its own unique charm. 

They offer visitors a glimpse into their history and allow them to take part in some of their most meaningful traditions.

Three of the most traveled cities you can add to your next vacation include:

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1. Oaxaca

This city is easy to love and no one wants to leave. 

An extraordinary place where you can enjoy some of the best culinary experiences, brightly painted buildings, and unique art and textiles handmade by the indigenous groups still living in the city. 

To walk through Oaxaca is to walk through history. 

The influence of the Zapotec and Mixtec people are still seen today through the archaeological sites and customs being practiced by younger generations. 

As a bonus, Travel + Leisure even named Oaxaca the best city in the world for the year 2020.

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2. Mexico City

Originally given the name of “Tenochtitlan” by the Aztec people, this city has now turned into the central hub of the new world in Mexico.

While it is a place of financial, educational, and political importance it is culturally significant to the people of Mexico. 

This city is filled with rich stories and legends––such as the founding of the Aztec capital in which an eagle stood on top of a cactus with a snake in its mouth. 

Walking through the city, you will encounter Aztec temples situated between modern buildings, music soaring through the air by local performers, canopies of trees, and the sweet smell of pan dulce filling bakeries. 

Of course, none can forget Frida Kahlo’s famous Casa Azul. 

Both she and her husband, Diego Rivera, lived together in Mexico City for nearly six years. 

Being cosmopolitan, Mexico City has world renowned museums and some of the most trendy and delicious restaurants.

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3. San Miguel de Allende

A town full of color, music, stunning architecture, and beautiful sunsets. 

A mixture of old world charm and modern amenities gives visitors a chance to interact with 16th century buildings in a new way. 

SMA has some of the most incredible restaurants, rooftops, vineyards, along with much more. Its nightlife is just as lively as those of big cities. 

It is a perfect place to enjoy with family and friends. 

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As you plan your summer vacation make sure to add Mexico to your itinerary, we assure you it will be an incredible trip!

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