Op-Ed: Here’s Why I’ve Decided to Embrace Cinco de Mayo Festivities as a Mexican-American

¡Hijole! I am so excited because mañana is our shop’s 1-year anniversary and it’s also Cinco de Mayo!

The truth is, I would never believe you if you told me that one day I’d be very excited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

As a Mexican-American living in the United States, Cinco de Mayo is not a holiday I grew up celebrating at home. 

In fact, if you ask Mexicans living in and out of the United States, a large majority will tell you that ”Mexicans do not celebrate Cinco de Mayo because it’s a Gringo holiday.”

As someone who listened to my family members say this, I used to say and think the same thing. 

But over the last two years, I've started to re-think this holiday for three major reasons:

1.I am Mexican-American, which means I too am a gringa! As someone who was born in the United States to Mexican parents, I am very proud of both sides of my identity. And if there’s a day dedicated to celebrating both sides of my Mexican and American culture then por favor sign me up!

2. It's an opportunity to celebrate Mexico and more importantly our Mexican-American identity. Our mission as a brand has always been to counter negative stereotypes by spreading awareness on the beauty of Mexican culture. By choosing to participate in Cinco de Mayo festivities we hope to shed light on our favorite Mexican-owned brands and to show people all of the beauty that our culture has to offer. During these festivities, we can also emphasize that Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican independence day, but is a holiday, which does in fact have Mexican-American ties.

Cinco de Mayo’s Mexican-American Ties

To learn more about Cinco de Mayo’s history and Mexican-American ties, check out these sources:

3. Cinco de Mayo isn't going away. People will continue to partake in festivities. As a Mexican-American business owner and journalist, I want to make sure that we partake in how these events take shape and that the right brands and storytelling are at the forefront, etc.

Finally, I’ve come to realize that we aren’t going to stop people from celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The only thing we are going to do is ignore a holiday that can allow us the opportunity to shed light on the beauty of our culture.

So like they say, “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

And I think the best way to join is by throwing the best Mexican fiesta, with delicious pan dulce, paletas, tequila, mezcal, chocolate, mariachis, papel picado, and more.

Speaking of which, we’re also hosting a fiesta this week and you’re invited to join!

You’re Invited to Celebrate Cinco With Us!

This week on Thursday, May 5th and Saturday, May 7th, we’ll have giveaways, live mariachi music, FREE paletas, margarita tickets thanks to Doña Vega mezcal and La Gritona.

To stay tuned on all the details, make sure to follow us at @mexicoinmypocket on Instagram & Tiktok where we'll be updating you in real time! 

*Followers will have the inside scoop on how to get access to FREEBIES and more!*

This event is completely FREE. To join us and get access to the giveaways, make sure to RSVP.

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