What You Need to Throw a Proper Mexican Fiesta

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This article was originally published on March 19, 2017 and has been modified and updated for our new website.

San Diego, California Luisa Fernanda Rosas, co-owner of MesaChic, customizes in selling authentic and affordable Mexican table linens and fiesta supplies. The family business, which she owns with her parents, started on a whim when she was planning her husband’s 40th dinner party. “I was having a hard time finding a tablecloth I liked that did not break my entire budget,” she said. She decided to search on Etsy, but could only find wedding decor and formal linens.

Luisa (r) and her mom Luz Elena (l) at home. Source: mesachicparties.com​​

“My mom came to the rescue and made a custom-sized tablecloth from a super cute fabric we had found,” she said.

After her husband’s party turned out “wonderfully,” Luisa thought it was time to start her own Etsy store with her mom. 

They started by selling products made of all types of fabric, but eventually realized that customers were more interested in traditional Mexican linens.

As MesaChic continued to grow, customers were also asking for fiesta supplies so they created a website that included party decor purchased during their family trips to Mexico.“

All our products are 100% handmade in Mexico,” the 37-year-old said. 

Luisa's parents Joaquin (l) and Luz Elena (r) shopping in Mexico City. Source: mesachicparties.com.​​

Today, Luisa hopes that her work with MesaChic will help preserve her Mexican family traditions for her kids.

“The best memories of my childhood were at family gatherings and holidays. 

I want to keep our Mexican roots very much alive in [my kids’] hearts,” she said.

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Source: mesachicparties.com.​​

How to Throw a Proper Mexican Fiesta

What is the first thing you decide on before setting a table? 

First of all, I decide on a theme. From there, I narrow down the colors I’ll be using. I always consider what plates and stemware I have so I can find the right linens to match. I regularly look to Pinterest for inspiration. 

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, small details can add a very nice touch to any table, like placards, napkin rings or some cool napkins. 

And I always add a nice floral arrangement that I make with supermarket flowers. You can make a great centerpiece with $20.

What products should someone make sure to have in order to throw a proper Mexican fiesta? 

The key to a great fiesta is using vibrant colors! The use of papel picado banners is a very inexpensive way to add an authentic Mexican vibe to any space. 

A great Otomí Mexican woven table runner with assorted colored napkins is my favorite look. Fresh flowers always add a lovely touch to any table. 

You can then accessorize with all sorts of goodies, like mini sombreros or maracas for napkins holders and serapes as chair covers. Just add the tequila and you have a proper Mexican fiesta!

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Source: mesachicparties.com.​​

What are three important tips when setting a table? First, consider the occasion and set the table accordingly. 

If it’s an informal setting or the budget is tight, you might be better off setting a buffet style table. Secondly, the linens are very important, take the opportunity to add color here and have it represent the theme. 

Third, the flowers. Look for a good tutorial online to help you make a great arrangement.

What if you don’t necessarily have a ton of Mexican talavera, etc. What would you recommend doing to still give the Mexican vibe? 

As I said before, the key is the use of vibrant colors! I have set many tables with white square plates from Walmart and just added a serape as a table runner and colorful plain napkins. You can add flowers that give a bohemian touch to the table and you are all set. 

Setting a Table Using Otomi and Mexican Talavera

Source: mesachicparties.com.​​

Why is Otomí important to you? I find them to be a beautiful work of art! I love that each design is different and tells you a lot about the artisan, the colors and patterns they use.

When working with talavera and Otomí, how do you make sure that all the beautiful colors don’t clash? 

You do have to be very careful with all these patterns. It’s all about balance and finding contrasting colors to work with. 

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MesaChic Owner Shares Favorite Traditions and More

Luisa's parents Joaquin (l) and Luz Elena (r) enjoying the mercado in Oaxaca City.Source: mesachicparties.com.​​

What is your favorite Mexican tradition? I think the tradition that encapsulates Mexican people the best is Día de los Muertos

On this day, we remember and honor those who have passed away—especially family members—in a very lively way. It is very inspiring to see the amount of work and love that goes into making these vibrant altars and the tradition behind them.

What are some of your favorite tableware and table setting combinations? 

I am very lucky to have several of my grandmother’s tableware settings, which are my favorite to work with. I love using a mix of vintage and new. As a family, we love to travel and I always try to buy tableware representative of each country. My most recent purchase was a set of colored crystal goblets from Prague.

“I want to teach my daughter, you CAN do it all!”— Luisa Fernanda Rosas, co-owner of MesaChic

“I want to teach my daughter, you CAN do it all!”Luisa Fernanda Rosas, co-owner of MesaChic

What is your favorite part about your job? Working with both my parents is a dream job. My mom keeps us on our feet with her work ethic and my dad is the dreamer, always reminding us to think bigger.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Well I have to say, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to own my own business, work at my own pace, and take as much time off (I need to enjoy my three kids) and to have the support of my husband. But most importantly, I want to teach my daughter, you CAN do it all!

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