Instagram Takeover: A Tour of Oaxaca City

Source: Susan Metenosky​​

In this Instagram Story takeover, Susan Metenosky Ripley and Stephanie Hobbins take us around Oaxaca City.

Join them as they taste authentic Mexican cuisine, go shopping at the market, drink mezcal, visit Santo Domingo, and even dance with turkeys during a calenda!

We guarantee you’ll be smiling from ear to ear if you finish watching to the very end.

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About the Author

Susan Metenosky

Susan Metenosky is the founder of Brooklyn Tropicali - a travel blog focused on creative travels for creative people. She is based in sunny Oaxaca, where her number one hobby is eating all the things and learning more about the rich food culture. After living in the city for over two years, she is passionate to share her best tips to get off the typical tourist trail and get to know the beautiful culture, artisan work, nature, food, mezcal, festivals, and people that make Oaxaca so special. When she isn’t in Oaxaca, Susan can be found in other parts of Mexico and Latin America, eating street food and writing about her travels.

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