Tejiendo Imagenes Book
Tejiendo Imagenes Book
Tejiendo Imagenes Book

Tejiendo Imagenes Book

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A color lover's diary through Mexico

This photography book by social designer Ana Paula Fuentes is designed to inspire and make you fall in love with the colorful charm, beauty and diversity of Mexico.

 "It is said and true that colors speak every language; and so, to whoever finds this book, I invite you to interweave yourself into the rich and marvelous spectrum of vibrant blues, bright yellows and omnipresent Mexican pink. Colors that, among many others, distinguish the daily life of a magical land called Mexico."

 – Ana Paula Fuentes


About the Author

Ana Paula’s photographs radiate with light and color. She is committed and entrepreneurial, and immerses herself into the stories of others with total sincerity. Her passion for giving recognition to the traditions, artisans and culture of Mexico shines in her eyes and in her photographs.

Originally from Mexico City, and now rooted in Oaxaca, she has specialized in the cultures and traditions of Mexico for several years. She founded the Oaxaca Textile Museum in 2008 and is currently a cultural photographer, social designer, travel guide and textile consultant.

– Bianca Bodero, Once Life Journeys