Limited Edition Art Print: Florecitas By Fernanda Franco

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This limited edition print was created exclusively for Mexico In My Pocket by Mexican artist, Fernanda Franco, who was inspired by whimsical and magical Otomi textiles.


8 x 10 inches

About the Artist:

Fernanda is a graphic designer, artist, printmaker and founder of fernandafranco artwork. 

Born and bred in Mexico City, Fernanda is a former corporate designer for Wall Street, and has a Master of Science in Communication Design from 
Pratt Insitute.

Fernanda finds inspiration for her watercolors 
and prints in the beauty, harmony, colors and craft traditions of her home country. 

Fernanda loves touring mercados, jardines, and patios and has a passion for handmade Mexican textiles.
Her work is aesthetically influenced by the flora 
of Otomi Tenango Pre-Hispanic embroidery, 
the color palette of Maestro Pedro Coronel
 and the poetry of Octavio Paz.
To learn more about Fernanda, visit her website