Large Rainbow Tortillero Baskets
Large Rainbow Tortillero Baskets

Large Rainbow Tortillero Baskets

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These colorful tortilleros (tortilla baskets) are made from the henequen plant––one of the most important fibers in Mexico––by artisans in Yucatán. The artisans use natural dyes made from trees, plants, fruits, coffee, and flowers to create the vibrant colors.

These are perfect to use as bread baskets, large quantities of tortillas (for large family celebrations), or we love the idea of using them as flower pots and planters (glass vase not included).


  • Collecting Fibers: The artisans cut leaves from the henequen plant and use a stick to remove the fibers.
  • Dying the Fibers: The artisans boil water in a pot and add pieces of wood, plants, flowers, fruits, etc. to dye the fibers naturally.
  • Designing each piece: The Mayan artisans use their experience and imagination to create each design. Sometimes they use examples from previous designs, but most of the time they use techniques passed down from generation to generation in order to create the combinations and patterns.
  • Braiding, Twisting, and Sewing: Henequen thread can be braided into bags or twisted and sewn into tortilla baskets, cup holders, etc. using a backstrap loom or a combination of other techniques.

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  • 7.4 inches diameter x 4.5 inches


  • Each tortillero is handmade so colors and designs can slightly vary.

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