Tequileros Azulejos
Tequileros Azulejos

Tequileros Azulejos

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These tequileros were designed by Guanajuatense Daniel Servin and his team using a special artisan technique called "servin". This artisan style combines both Mexican and Middle Eastern traditions.

About the Artisans:

The Servin family are master artisans recognized around the world for their specialized techniques.

 About the Servin Process: 

  • Grinding: The materials are extracted from mines in the region. They are then dried and mixed in a hammer mill, which pulverizes them and transforms them into a fine powder.
  • Preparing the paste: The powder paste is mixed with water and subsequently placed in plaster vats to dry and can be turned or kept in a liquid state for the emptying process.
  • Kneading: The paste is kneaded with a snail technique to eliminate air bubbles and is sent through a lathe machine where small and large round pieces are created––from tequileros to large vases. Once these pieces acquire a leather-like hardness, they are given a final finish and then sent back to ensure that any excess paste is removed and that the edges are rectified and handles, knobs, etc. are glued.
  • Molding: Once the piece has reached the appropriate thickness and has dried into a leather-like hardness, the artisans begin molding and scarring each piece.
  • Grinding: Once the pieces are dry, they go to grinding, in which edges are removed and sliced to give a better finish to the piece.
  • Polishing & Coating: The piece is polished with water and a sponge to give it a smooth finish and to remove dust. Afterwards, a coat of enamel is applied to make it waterproof.
  • Marking: The artisans mark each piece using a brush and tracing a pencil grid, which serves as a guide throughout the decoration process.
  • Decoration: Artisans decorate each piece with cobalt blue or brown. Every single piece is unique because the artisans decide how to decorate them based on the grid markings.
  • Final Decorations: Once the piece has set, the artisans begin to fill it with color. The decorators combine cobalt blue and brown or apply flowers, dots, and other small details.
  • Baking: Once the piece is decorated, it is baked for 6 hours at 2300 degrees Farenheit. During this time, the piece develops resistance and a unique glass-like shine.

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  • Tray: 20 cm x 11 cm
  • Tequila shooters: 9 cm x 2 cm diameter
  • Salt shaker: 4 cm tall x 1.5 cm diameter

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