Calaverita Black Clay Mezcaleros
Calaverita Black Clay Mezcaleros

Calaverita Black Clay Mezcaleros

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About the Artisans: These mezcaleros are made in‌ ‌San‌ ‌Bartolo‌ ‌Coyotepec‌, Oaxaca, which ‌is‌ recognized for creating beautiful pieces made from black clay with elaborate and elegant designs. While finalizing each piece, the artisans traditionally polish them with leather or quartz (depending on the finish) and let them dry for 4 days. ‌


  • Mezcaleros 2 inches high x 3 inches diameter
  • Black Clay Plate 6.5 inches diameter

Care Instructions: Please wash mezcalero sets prior to first use.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each mezcalero set is handmade so colors and designs can slightly vary.

About Casa Paz:

Thousands of artisans in Oaxaca are suffering due to the coronavirus crisis. Casa Paz engages in fair trade practices and helps connect Oaxaca's artisans with the resources they need to continue selling their products. Casa Paz's mission is to share the artisans' stories and to shed light on the cultural significance of their craft.

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