Our Story

Founded in 2015, Mexico In My Pocket began as a place to share beautiful pictures of Mexico on Instagram.
Today, it has grown into a lifestyle brand, blog, and online shop where people from all over the world can come together and celebrate Mexico.
Our mission has always been to counter negative stereotypes by spreading awareness of the beauty of Mexican culture.
By sharing travel guides, recipes, cooking classes, and other resources, we hope to help everyone learn more about Mexican traditions and for Mexicans around the world to stay connected to their heritage.

About Our Founder

Luisa Navarro, Mexican-American journalist and founder of Mexico In My Pocket,  struggled with her bicultural identity as a young girl.
At one point in her life, she even was embarrassed to be Mexican.
As she grew older, she learned to fall in love with her culture and became passionate about sharing stories that showed people a side of Mexico often overlooked in the news.
One of her goals is to create a platform that reaches enough people around the world so that they will start saying, “I’m planning a trip to Oaxaca” with the same enthusiasm they’d use for planning a trip to Paris.
And while telling stories about Mexican culture is her passion, she recognizes that she can’t do it alone–which is why Mexico In My Pocket has always been a platform built around community.
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