Sagrada Manita Earrings
Sagrada Manita Earrings

Sagrada Manita Earrings

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These adorable sacred hand earrings are handmade by the Rodriguez family in San Miguel de Allende.

*PLEASE NOTE: This item is available for pre-sale from September 16th - September 23rd. After September 23rd, the pre-sale will close until further notice. Please allow 3 weeks for orders to be processed and fulfilled.


  • Each sacred hand is composed of German silver. German silver is a metal made by combining nickel, copper, and zinc and *does not* contain silver..
  • *PLEASE NOTE: Each hook is composed of silver to ensure that people with metal allergies do not experience discomfort.
  • Dimensions: Approximately 1.5 x .8 in. (does not include dimensions for hook).