Zapotec Dog Bed (Medium)
Zapotec Dog Bed (Medium)
Zapotec Dog Bed (Medium)
Zapotec Dog Bed (Medium)
Zapotec Dog Bed (Medium)
Zapotec Dog Bed (Medium)

Zapotec Dog Bed (Medium)

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 These gorgeous Zapotec dog beds are handmade by the Vásquez family, an indigenous Zapotec family located in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca.

The Vásquez family has been preserving ancestral traditions and creating their one-of-a-kind designs for five generations.

*Each dog bed takes a total of about 150 hours of work (over 6 days) to make.

To learn more, read the full blog post here.

Dimensions & Details:

  • Recommended for x-small or small-sized dogs (2-10 pounds)
  • Includes travel backpack for storing
  • Dimensions: 22 x 22 inches, 12 inches height

Materials & Labor

  • Each dog bed is blended with cotton, which reinforces the material, and allows dogs to scratch the beds and make nests without damaging them.
  • Each woven dog bed is made from the following materials:

    • 90% lambswool yarn

    • 10% reinforced cotton fiber

    • Vegan skin

    • Stuffed with recycled materials

    • Lined with cotton and polyester fabric

    • Total time to make one dog bed 147 hours (over 6 days)

  • Each dog bed includes a 100% cotton tote for storing. 
*Cleaning Instructions:
Please Note: These beds include three separate pieces: a bed cover, cushion (which is removable), and a carrier bag and each piece has its own cleaning instructions.

Cleaning Instructions | Bed Cover:

1. Remove the integrated cushion;
2. Soak the bed in cold water with salt (max. 1 minute)
3. Wash by hand using cold water and liquid soap or shampoo, brushing gently with a soft bristle hairbrush.
4. Rinse thoroughly.
5. Remove the water and let it dry by hanging it in the sun for a few hours, then in the shade.

Cleaning Instructions | Cushion:

1. Wash by hand with shampoo;
2. Rinse thoroughly, gently squeeze the water out then dry in the sun.

Cleaning Instructions | Carrier Bag:
1. Wash by hand using cold water and neutral PH soap. Or wash using a washing machine on the delicate setting.


In Zapotec culture, dogs are members of the family and should be treated as such.

The dog is seen as a companion both and life and the underworld and should also be given the same unconditional love that they give their human family.

This is why, Huella Carmin, has chosen to launch––Nashun––a Mexican brand that offers the best pet products and which also contributes to the development of artisan villages in Oaxaca.