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Hola Sus

Susana Villasuso is a chef, recipe developer, and food stylist. Originally from San Luis Potosí, Mexico. She currently resides in the southwest suburbs of London with her husband and two children.

Villasuso went to the Culinary Institute of Mexico.

"The food I like to eat and make is very inspired by my cultural roots and my home country, the colour and vibrancy, as well as those humble ingredients that make it to the everyday tables in the homes of Mexico."

During her time in London and New York City, Villasuso worked in catering and also took food styling courses with Food52's creative director Kristen Miglore, and with Louise Leonard a chef and food stylist winner from ABC's primetime hit "The Taste." 

In 2015, she started @HolaSus an Instagram account where she combines a style of classic and modern Mexican recipes using only fresh ingredients.  

"Living abroad makes you long for those flavours of home, the spices, the fresh chilies, tortillas and salsas to name a few, that I now try to introduce to my little family."

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Lola's Cocina

The inspiration for Lola’s Cocina came about over ten years ago when I realized that treasured family recipes...must not only be experienced through our taste buds, but also preserved in writing.
— Dolores Wiarco Dweck

Dolores Wiarco Dweck, known by her nearest and dearest as "Lola," is the author of "Lola's Cocina" a Mexican-food blog which reflects her deep appreciation for Mexican cuisine and culture. Lola's culinary mentors include relatives, friends, and some of Mexico's greatest chefs. We are so fortunate to have Lola contribute so many traditional and innovative Mexican recipes.

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Mexican Food Memories

I started to cook Mexican food in London as a necessity, because when I first arrived here, Mexican food wasn’t as good as it is now and thanks to my lovely father, who was an excellent cook, I had good cooking skills.
— Karla Zazueta

Karla Zazueta is the author of "Mexican Food Memories" - a Mexican-food blog where she explores recipes from her childhood. Karla learned how to cook traditional meals from her father - growing up in Mexico. She says, he always made her "eat everything." Today, she lives in London with her husband "El inglés" and "two lovely children." We are so fortunate to have Karla contribute the traditional recipes passed down through family.

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Flan & Apple Pie

I have always marveled at the way that food brings people together, and I am thankful for the community of passionate individuals who feel that same connection.
— Nicole Makrinos

Nicole Makrinos is the author of Mexican-food blog "Flan & Apple Pie". She grew up in Pittsburgh, but fell in love with Mexican cuisine after studying abroad in Puebla. A few of her favorite dishes include tlacoyos (corn dough tortillas) and pan dulce (sweet bread). After moving back to the United States, she missed the authentic cuisine and hoped to recreate the meals she relished. We are so fortunate to have Nicole contribute recipes she's learned from others through her learning experiences.

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Hola Jalapeño

I want my kids to grow up being lovers of Latin culture and in my world that starts at the table. So come along with me as I cook my way through Mexico, Central America, and beyond.
— Kate Ramos

Kate Ramos is the author of "Hola Jalapeño" - a blog where she shares her take on Latin-inspired food. Kate spent many years as a chef, food editor, and recipe developer. Today, she is married to "a devastatingly handsome Mexican man" who led her to fall in love with Latin food, culture, and cooking. We are so fortunate to have Kate -  a mother who cherishes the value of passing down tradition, culture, and food to her children - as a contributor.

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