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Paleta Week 2016: June 20-26

Paleta Week 2016: June 20-26

Inspired by Kate Ramos of Hola Jalapeno's Margarita Week, Dolores (Lola) Dweck of Lola's Cocina has decided to kick off Summer '16 with #PaletaWeek!

Side Note: MIMP has also partnered with Lola's Cocina to bring you some paleta-themed giveaways! Get details here

Paletas, known in English as popsicles, are a delicious frozen dessert from Mexico that are usually made out of fresh fruits and local ingredients. Inspired by her roots, Lola has decided to invite you all to participate and share your own favorite paleta recipes - they can be fruit-based, dairy-free, sugar-free, adult-friendly, kid-friendly, and the list goes on! Just make sure to use the hashtag #PaletaWeek the week of June 20th - 26th when you share your recipes on social media.

To participate: Sign up on Lola's website HERE no later than Friday June 10th. Make sure to include the title of your recipe. Once your recipes are live, Lola will be linking directly to them on her website.

When you share your recipes on social media with the hashtag #PaletaWeek, Lola will re-post your images and tag your accounts on Facebook and Instagram. She will also have a dedicated Pinterest board where the recipes will be posted.

If you're interested in sharing more than one recipe, Lola says you're more than welcome to. Additionally, older paleta recipes are also okay to share. 

I've also decided to join the paleta festivities and signed up to create a Lime-Chile-Cilantro version! Growing up, my favorite paletas were always lime. Now that I've grown older, I'm definitely into the spicier Mexican desserts so I've decided to fuse my three favorite ingredients in Mexican food: lime, chile, and cilantro!

A little bit anxious about what might come out of this (since I've never made paletas before), I decided to dig in and do some research. Here are some tips I found useful for how-to make paletas:

This popsicle how-to video by Gemma Stafford of Bigger Bolder Baking  is very useful! She runs through the steps, what molds to use, and even goes over a few different recipes. 

Personally, I love the way that Lola's popsicles look. And as beautiful as they look...I can only imagine how they taste. I'm willing to bet money that they're AMAZING! 

Lucky for me, she let MIMP in on a little secret and revealed that she uses this popsicle mold.

Despite never having made my own paletas before, I'm just getting excited reading some of the titles including combinations like: strawberries and cream, spicy mango chamoy, and Mexican chocolate

Get all the details on recipes and sign up to participate for #PaletaWeek HERE.

Also, let us know in the comments below which paleta recipes you'd like to see!

Thank you for organizing this Lola...I'm so excited you included Mexico In My Pocket

Paleta Week 2016 Giveaways!

Paleta Week 2016 Giveaways!

GIVEAWAY: Hand-Etched Mexican Tequila Shot Glasses

GIVEAWAY: Hand-Etched Mexican Tequila Shot Glasses