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Cilantro Tortillas + Tips

Cilantro Tortillas + Tips


  • 2 cups Maseca corn flour
  • 1 1/2 cups warm water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Finely chopped cilantro (to your liking)

Tortilla Steps: 

1. Add your corn flour, warm water, salt and finely chopped cilantro to a large mixing bowl. 

2. Mix the ingredients together until the dough forms into a thick paste. If you need to add water, add 1/2 cup until you gradually get a gum-like consistency. 

3. Form the dough into round balls. If you want larger tortillas add more dough to each ball, but be wary of how much you add because they can break! 

4. Cut 2 pieces of plastic wrap from a ziplock bag or grab two sheets of saran wrap.

5. Prepare a dry pan on the stove and turn it on to low heat. 

6. Place a plastic parchment on your kitchen counter or tortilla press.

7. Place one of the formed dough balls on this parchment. 

8. Place your other plastic parchment on top of the dough.

9. Use a tortilla press or large cylinder object (like a bowl, deep pan, or lid) to press down until you have a nice flat-circle shape that is fairly thin, but not too delicate because it will break.

10. Lift up the plastic parchment carefully and transfer the flat-shaped dough to the hot pan - quickly.

11. Similar to a pancake - flip once you see it steam and inflate a little. If you don't see it steam or inflate, it's probably too thick. But it will still taste great! And though your first one might not be perfect, don't give up because it takes time to master. 

Sus tells us that one the best tips is to get yourself a tortilla press. You can find one here on Amazon. Scroll down below to read all of her tortilla-making tips. 

Tips for making Tortillas: 

[Tortillas] are not difficult to make, but they require practice.
— Susana Villasuso, Hola Sus

1. Use Maseca corn flour. Or you can use any other good brand that is similar to those used in the tortilleras.

2. Buy a tortilla press. This makes the shaping the tortillas much easier and you can also adjust the pressure to make sure they're not too thin or too thick. Plus, they'll end up looking nicer.

3. Have your hot cast iron pan ready once you start making the tortillas. They need to go straight from the press to the hot pan.

4. Use a thin plastic film like a rectangular piece of a plastic bag. Place the film between both sides of the press. This will avoid your masa/dough from sticking and will make it easier to remove once you are ready to place the tortilla on the hot pan.

5. They only need a few minutes on both sides. 

6. Keep them warm wrapped inside a kitchen towel.

7. To save some for later - I like placing them in ziplock bags. You can freeze them or have them in the fridge until you use them.

8. To reheat simply place over a hot pan again. Once they are warm, cover them with a cloth and if you have a basket for tortillas - that's even better.

9. Signs you've made a good tortilla: After flipping it on the hot pan look to see if the steam builds up and inflates the dough. If you see this, my Mum says that's how you know you can make tortillas. It might take a few attempts but is not that difficult to get there - just practice.

10. Add the water little by little. Sometimes you need less, or more - if you are adding another flavor into the tortilla. 

11. Get to know your masa. Once it is easy to shape and not sticky - it means it's ready to use. You don't want it to be too dry either or the tortillas will break easily.

Now we want to see YOUR tortillas! Share them with using #MIMPRecipes on Instagram! 

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